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Welcome to Bengal Studio where we provide you with all your studio needs, from studio space rentals to photography and a host of other activities, here you can find your every studio requirements in a friendly and professional manner.

We also do a host of activities including:

Pre-Production, Production, Photography, Video, Auditions, Meet ups, Screenings.

Call at : 3473554720​ Email :

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Emmy Harrington
Emmy harrington • 7 days ago.

These guys were great! Lots of quick communication, equipment in good shape and stayed flexible in the face of some small timing issues! Two thumbs up, thanks.

Rented Projector Epson VS230

Fast Life LLC
Fast life llc • 2 months ago.

Great experience. Easy pick up and easy drop off. All the equipment is in great shape, almost felt brand new. I'm definitely renting through these guys again.

Rented Canon EOS 70D

Things Are Changing Production

Very smooth rental and they were really flexible with pick up and drop off, which I appreciated very much. Will rent from them again!

Rented Cinema Lens Set

Ismael Volquez
Ismael volquez • 7 months ago.

Everything was perfect. I would definitely rent from Bengal Studio again.

Rented Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Digital Camera

Ben Hassey
Ben hassey • 8 months ago.

Projector worked as listed, great customer service, would definitely recommend!

Rented Projector Epson VS230

nathan lewis
Nathan lewis • 9 months ago.

Very friendly and easy to deal with, thanks :)

Rented Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6

Evan Shaw
Evan shaw • 9 months ago.

The generic charger he included crumpled apart as I was trying to put it away. Regardless I felt guilty and bought him a brand name replacement.

Upon returning the camera and lens he kept trying to find things wrong with them and get me to sign a document saying that I had broken them. For example he said I broke his lens because he couldn't reattach it, even though we reattached it repeatedly in the room. There were several other things like this.

I liked the equipment (besides the charger), but would not rent from Bengal Studios in the future

Rented Rokinon Cine 35mm T1.5

Tony Henry
Tony henry • 11 months ago.

Everything went well

Very flexible with drop off and pick up time

Rented Ikan Slider

Talibah Newman
Talibah newman • 11 months ago.

Things went well, the seller was accommodating.

Rented LILLIPUT 667GL70NP/H/Y On-Camera Video Monitor

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