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A full-service video production agency specializing in automotive, fashion, and corporate communications. When not using our gear, we love to rent it to those who can put it to good use and make their own visions come to life.

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Awesome, would rent from again, thank you!


Awesome, would rent from again, thank you!

Kyle Morrison
Kyle RED Brick Battery 6 months ago.

Louis was great! Friendly and accommodating, definitely plan on renting from him again.

Peter Szollosi

Everything went according to plan.x

Red Visual New York, Inc

It was a GREAT experience working with Louis. From the beginning, I felt I was in the right hand. He walked me through all the ins and outs of the lighting gears and answered all my questions. He DELIVERED the gear to the studio and picked them up afterwards. He was a lifesaver! I was so busy and couldn't hire a PA with a van just to get the gear. Overall, I am extremely grateful for his help with the shoot. Thank you!!!

James Daniel

Everything worked out smoothly! Incredibly helpful!

Antonio Azzurro

Very Good, exellent. Nice person, very kind and professional.

Andy Putnam

Everything went smoothly with Louis. I would rent from him again.

Harold Erkins

Lewis was a great contact for rental services. He created a rental package custom for our shoot! He even offered to help out on set. I'll would highly recommend working with him.

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