Walmy De La Cruz
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Filmaker from New York.


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john tashiro
John tashiro • 9 months ago.

Walmy is fantastic! Kit is packed very efficiently.

Rented Cinema Camera with lens

Sean Stout
Sean stout • 1 years ago.

No reply to rental request within 24 hours.

Rented Cinema Camera with lens

john tashiro
John tashiro • 1 years ago.

Rental went fantastic! Scarlet and accessories were packed efficiently and Walmy was super cool!

Rented Cinema Camera with lens

Burnside Pictures LLC
Burnside pictures llc • 1 years ago.

Walmy is very easy going and came through on delivering properly functioning equipment as listed on his posting.

Walmy allowed us to have the camera for a couple extra days but falsely implied we kept it without permission on his review of our experience. He also said I was unreliable for not always being able to answer my phone, despite having contact information for my producer and my calls/texts back in anywhere from an hour to under a day.

Ultimately, I would recommend Walmy to the community but not without being very careful to examine and photograph the equipment as it was provided to avoid any potential disputes.

Rented Cinema Camera with lens

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